My bookmarks are here!

Each time my publisher, J. Taylor Publishing, sends me a little tidbit about my book, the surreal feeling I’m swimming in flies away and everything seems more real.  My book is going to be published.  Yes, PUBLISHED!  For real.  ::snicker::  I know, right!!!!

Thanks to the blasted postal strike, I don’t yet have these little lovelies in hand, but I wanted to share the designs with you, anyway.  Aren’t they great!  Can’t wait to see them for real and to share them with everyone.

If I’m this excited about the bookmarks, what the hell am I going to be like when I finally get to hold The Glass Man in my hands?

I guess I’ll find out in October!

6 thoughts on “My bookmarks are here!

  1. Yeah that strike…ohhh *shakes fist* I heard it was over but the chick at the post office was kind of scary so I didn’t stick around for social hour.

    Looking good, sweetheart. Remember when you get your first copy to fan and sniff the pages!

  2. Sorry, you’re having problems with the post, Jo, but your bookmarks are awesome! Next step: make sure you have a silver marker so you can scribble your name across them the second they do arrive and behave like the author you are 🙂

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