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Happy Halloween week! Welcome to two days full of wicked prizes and hauntingly delightful posts.

MD_Cover500I’m giving away a signed copy of Midnight Dawn, (Mortal Machine #2), to one lucky commenter. My giveaway is international, and I’d love to hear from you, so drop me lots of comments for more chances to win.

I absolutely LOVED Halloween as a kid. The only sucky part was that I lived in the country where my nearest neighbor was a good twenty minute walk, so we had to be driven around.

Still, I slapped on my plastic costume with the creepy face mask and trooped back and forth from the car to each of the neighbor houses through the rain, and even snow some years, into houses that smelled like moth balls. All with a ridiculously wide grin on my face.

I’ve been accosted by geese, crabby dogs, roosters, and even the odd miserable old geezer who was a total Halloween scrooge. Nothing could ruin that night for me, though. There was nothing better than emptying out that pillow case to find homemade caramel corn balls, candy apples, chocolate fudge, and other homemade delights that this generation will probably never receive in their loot bags.

They are so missing out. Big time.

I’d love to hear your favorite Halloween memory, either as an adult or a kid. Please include a way to contact you, twitter/email/facebook, in case you are the winner of my prize. Contact info will not be used for any other reason.

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One month to go…

How did this happen?  There’s only one month left before The Glass Man is unleashed into the world.  My little baby has grown into its own and it’s almost time to set it free.


I’m ready, I think.  There seemed to be so much time to get everything done, but time slipped away and the big event is almost upon me.  Deep breaths.  Lower the pulse from a sprint.

Okay, bring it on.

To celebrate, I’m giving away two, yes TWO signed book marks like the one below.

How do you win, you ask?

Leave a comment below with the first and last name of my heroine in the book.  Simple, right?

Here are some links where you can find it:

I will pick two winners from all those who leave a comment on this post with the correct answer.  Please make sure to leave me a way to reach you, either an email or link to your website where I can contact you for an address if you should win.

Good luck!