Crossing Hathaway Part 2 #sixsunday


I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.  Mine was peaceful and quiet, just how I like it, filled with games and laughs, reading and writing, family and friends.

First things first, the winner of last week’s giveaway is … drum roll please …  Jessica Subject

Congrats, Jessica!  I’ll be in touch shortly to arrange for your prize.

Today we rejoin Eva as she returns to Mr. Hathaway’s office with his latest order.  After he startled her, she not only spilled the coffee over his expensive carpet and crisp, white shirt, but also scalded her hand.  This is what happens when he demands to see the damage she did to herself and grabs her hand, pulling her toward him when she balks.

Warmth crawled up my flesh as I surveyed the hills and valleys of his six-pack, moved upward over the smooth swell above. The fingers of my undamaged hand tingled, wanted to reach out and touch to see if the wall of muscle felt as amazing as it looked. My gaze traveled up farther. His dark hair curled a little, some falling across his brow, other pieces flipping out beneath his ears. Intense green eyes inspected my hand, and for a moment, I couldn’t remember why he’d asked to see it. Everything below my bellybutton tightened.

I think she’s going to have a hard time staying mad at him.  What do you think?  😉

Have a wonderful new year, and I’ll meet you here again next Sunday for another tidbit. Oh, and don’t forget to click on the link at the top to see the rest of the participants.




Crossing Hathaway #sixsunday #giveaway


Hey, it’s been a while since I joined in the Six Sunday fun.  Click the link above for the rest of the participants and make sure to drop them a note to let them know you stopped by.

I thought I’d share my six this week from my contemporary romance, Crossing Hathaway, that released with Liquid Silver Books back in the summer.

From those who leave a comment, I’ll select one person who will receive a free e-book copy and post the winner on my blog next Wednesday.  Good luck and enjoy!

This scene is from chapter 1 of the book.  Mr. Hathaway has sent Eva out into the pouring rain to get him coffee, a degrading thing for a proud IT chick to have to do.  🙂

I pulled Satan’s cell from my damp pocket and bent forward to keep the rain off. The text on the screen filled me with an urge to hurl the phone through the window into the bakery:  I want my order today, Miss Russell, and it had better be hot when you return.

“You pompous, simple-minded, dick-for-brains!”

The red-haired woman in front of me whirled around and scowled at me, her umbrella hoisted high above her head. Little rivers rolled off the side of it right onto my head. Nice.

Poor Eva.  He didn’t even get her name right in the text.  If you’d like to know how it all turns out, check out the book (click on the cover below), or stop by next week for another juicy morsel.  Don’t forget to leave me a note for a chance to win a copy!


Girls have to stick together #sixsunday

Welcome back.  I hope you had a terrific holiday season full of friends, family and some great books.  As promised, here’s another teaser from my upcoming novella release, Touch of Frost.  We pick up Lauren and Will after she recovers and ventures outside for the first time in days to find a crystal morning on the mountainside.

When [Will] picked up another [snowball], Calla came bounding in from the side and knocked him into the powder. Laughing, he heaved the big cat off of his chest. “Whose side are you on, anyway?”
The silver [lynx] yowled and took off, running in a circle around him the way I’d seen excited dogs do.
Nearly splitting a gut at Will’s stunned face, half covered in crystals, I trudged over and knelt beside him. “Us girls have to stick together.”

That’ll teach him for popping Lauren in the kisser with a snowball.  🙂  Don’t forget to click the logo at the top to check out the other participants.

See you next week!


When in doubt, talk to your socks #sixsunday

Although February still sounds like a mile away, it’s creeping up fast.  So, for the next few weeks, I’m going to bring you some snippets from my upcoming paranormal romance novella, Touch of Frost to be released with J. Taylor Publishing.

This scene comes after Lauren wakes up in a strange man’s bed, half delirious.

Upon the man’s return, he stood beside the bed, turning from the cup and back to me with puzzlement in his eyes.

“Can I . .. uh . .. touch you?” A flash of pink lit up his cheeks above the shadow of beard. “To help you sit up, I mean. I wouldn’t … I mean I didn’t …” He uttered something too low for me to hear, his head tilted toward his socks.

Will is such a gentleman!  I hope you enjoyed.  Don’t forget to click the logo at the top to check out the other participants.

See you next week!


Coffee, tea or a hot man with a sexy accent? #sixsunday

My muse has been quite adamant this week about a new story I’m working on, so, seeing as my mind is consumed with it, I thought I’d share a tidbit from it.

My working title is Earth Caller, the first of a series that might be called The Baylou Hudson Journals, where Lou Hudson, proper lady and preternatural pest exterminator extraordinaire, is trying to hide her Jinn heritage from a world where all of the other supes would kill her, as they did all of her kind in the past, if they knew she was an earth caller (her element).

After a hard day trudging around the sewers looking for her latest pest, she gets a phone call from the man who’s been trying to seduce her for years.

“Call me Amun, please.”  His seductive tone, tinged with a hint of his Persian roots, tightened my belly as it always did.  “Have dinner with me.”

My disgruntled sigh blew across the phone and I shoved the accelerator down harder as if I could outrun his effect on me.  “Amun,” I cursed his name at him, “as I’ve told you several times, I’d rather have dinner with a giant, oozing troll slug.  Don’t you have another gala to host or a blonde harlot to jump into bed with?”

Hell, I’d have dinner with him.  Bring on dessert!  😉

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Giggling when trying to be subtle never works #TheGlassMan #SixSunday

I’m in the mood for a little more Liam and Lila this week.  This scene comes during a tense, dangerous moment when the two encounter the Glass Man and Liam tries out a new trick on Lila so they can talk without being overheard.

As if a door had opened between us, Liam’s spirit slipped inside me, filled me like whiskey to the brim of my crystal glass. My knees buckled, and I flailed my arms but found nothing to steady myself with. Something unfamiliar gurgled in my throat before a drunken giggle burst from my lips. I clapped a hand over it.

“Jesus,” Liam’s voice whispered through my mind. “Yes, it feels good, but could you be a little more subtle about it?”

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When staring at a woman, guys, don’t get caught #sixsunday

This little scene comes to you from Tempted, coming soon in the Into the Unknown anthology with J. Taylor Publishing.

After a little naked romp in the woods, Liam is following Lila back to Seven Gates.

The hypnotic sway of [Lila’s] perfect round butt kept my attention until I smashed my shin against a stump.
“Fuck.” I bent to rub it.
Lila turned over her shoulder, the twinkle in her eye suggesting she knew exactly how much I’d been enjoying the scenery. “You’re awfully clumsy. I suppose that stump just stepped out in front of you?”

I can’t wait to share this short with you and also book number two of the Lila Gray trilogy that will be coming next year.

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