LOOK at that! A writer’s challenge

With a short 6 days left until Shadowborn comes out, I’ve been challenged by the wonderful and talented Kevin Craig, to divulge how many times I’ve used the word “Look” in my manuscript.

This is the guy *jabs thumb at the guy behind the stack of his published book, Summer on fire*  I curse you as I blow you raspberry kisses.  🙂

*groans* Do I really have to?  I’m afraid to look, but okay, here it goes.

Okay, that wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  Out of 100,000 words, I used “Look” only 74 times.  Wow.  I guess my editor’s lessons have finally sunk into my thick skull!  🙂

“Eyes” however, I’ve used *cough* 359 times *cough*.  Geez.  Eyes tell a lot, but 359 times? 

Here’s the challenge, which I will extend to five of my best buds below, is to not only find the LOOKs in our current WIPs, but to also post the paragraphs around the word. Choose your favorite three in your WIP to post.

Here are mine:


“You needn’t look very hard to find the evil who now hunts you, Lila Gray.” Alogason’s fiery eyes scrutinized my face as if assessing something beyond my skin. “Alastair will find you, if only you let him.”


“Been a long time, Lila. What’ve yeh been up to now?” Willa said in her Irish lilt as her brown seal eyes swept my ragged form. “Yeh look like yeh fell on a cheese grater.”
Nice to know I looked as I felt. “Good to see you’re all healed.”


“I haven’t much time.” She glanced left and right and sashayed to me in two long strides. “There is one of us who remains in the human world who may help you if she deems you worthy.” The one Alogason had spoken of? The prophet? Galati slipped a roll of cloth into my hand and folded my fingers around it. “I’m risking much by giving you this, but I disagree with the Elders’ decision in this matter.” She leaned down and kissed my forehead, silver tears drawing a shining line down her cheeks. “I wish . . . even when our world seems to collapse around us, a closer look often reveals that which we hold most dear has survived.” Her brown eyes bored into me as if trying to transfer knowledge she couldn’t say.
A flash took her from my sight and left me holding a worn, yellow cloth.

*rubs hands together*  Now for my five suckers lucky contestants who I challenge to spill their dirty “Look” secrets:

The lovely and talented Aimee Laine

The delectable Rebecca Hart

The sweet and powerful Julie Reece

Claire Gillian and her tantalizing alter ego

The sinfully delightful Kastil Eavenshade

Are you brave enough to accept the challenge, ladies?  Come on, play with me!

I’ll see all of you back here on Monday, October 1st, where my squeeing will be heard for miles as I launch the continuation of Lila Gray’s story for the minds of readers everywhere.  Until then, I bid you a week full of good reads and good times.


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