Find out what drives L.S. Murphy crazy #MeetTheAuthor

Aaaaaaand … we’re back for another juicy interview.  This week we’re chatting with the delightful Y.A. author, L.S. Murphy, mastermind behind Reaper, coming to e-Stores everywhere in January 2013.

Welcome to the great white north, lovely lady.  I’ve always thought it would be so neat if I could step into a book for a while.  If you could have an hour alone with any literary character, who would it be?  What would you say to him or her?  Or do with, if you’re more adventurous 😉

Oh, Mr. Darcy here I come. Since I’m strictly PG-13, I’ll keep my thoughts to myself, but I’ll make him forget Elizabeth Bennet ever existed.

Okay, I have to admit that I needed to look those names up.  ::Hangs head and shame::  I’m not much for the romantic classics, so I’ll have to take you word on Mr. Darcy’s yumminess.  😉

Outside of stepping into a book, my next neat adventure would be to visit a different time period.  Where and when would you go through history or the future if you could?

Crete during the time of the Minoans. I’m fascinated by their culture and their technology. For the time period, this civilization was thriving and creating things nobody else thought of at the time. They were rich but had very little fortifications around their palaces.

Plus they worshiped female deities. Women should always be worshiped.

I’m a bit of an archaeology nerd.

Ha!  Love it.  A major crush on Indiana Jones is about as close as I’ve gotten to the subject, but you’ve peaked my interest.  Research! Tell us about your road to publication.  Was it short and sweet?  Long and winding with many bumps?

Long and winding, I’m afraid. Not just to break in, but to find the courage to follow my dream. Sometimes we allow life to get in the way of what we truly want. I’m just glad I found my way back.

Overcoming our own hangups is half the battle isn’t it?  We’re so lucky you persevered.   How much of you is in your heroine? 

Very little actually. Except for her occasional sarcasm that is. That’s totally me.

I think sarcasm is a prerequisite for becoming an author.  🙂  So … are you a warm and comfy girl?  Or an in-the-buff or silk and satin kind of girl?

Comfy all the way. Usually I’m in baggie t-shirts and shorts. I do have a special editing hat though. It’s a sock monkey that my sister-in-law bought for my daughter in England. Bean didn’t want it so I put it to good use.

Is that your trick?  So that’s what I’m doing wrong!  I need to get me a monkey hat.  🙂  What kind of high school personality were you?  Band dork?  Jock?  Loner?  Brainiac?

Oh, this is such a loaded question! I went to a small, rural school. Yes, I was a band geek. I played in the drumline. But I was also a jock, and a good one at that. I also fancied myself a bit of a loner too.

Yes!  Another band dork!  At least you did something cool.  I played the clarinet, the lamest instrument in the whole band.  Ah well, builds character, right?  😉  Do you have any phobias, like run-screaming-at-the-mere-mention-of-it, fears?

I’m extremely claustrophobic so I run from crowds. It’s gotten worse as I’ve grown older too. Sounds and smells make me feel as trapped as walls. I’m also terrified of tornadoes. Yet, I watch Stormchasers on Discovery Channel. Weird, right?

No kidding?  I was terrified of tornadoes as a kid, and I’m mildly crowd-phobic, too.  Crazy.  Okay, last but not least, biggest pet peeve.

Repeaters. It drives me insane when people repeat what I just told them in the form of a questions.

Me: The car is on fire.

Them: The car is on fire?

Drives. Me. CRAZY.

Ooo … hmmm.  I’m totally guilty of this.  In fact, I think Lila Gray might have a bad habit of doing that.  ::slinks away to edit them out of Shadowborn and Rise of the Magi::  🙂  Ha!

Now for the bright and shiny.  Tada!  Isn’t it pretty?

There’s no way sixteen year old Quincy Amarante will become the fifth grim reaper. None. Not over her shiny blue Mustang. Her Jimmy Choos. Or her dead body.

She’s supposed to enjoy her sophomore year, not learn about some freaky future Destiny says she has no choice but to fulfill.

It doesn’t take long for Quincy to realize the only way out of the game is to play along especially since Death can find her anyway, anywhere, anytime. And does.

Like when she’s reassuring her friends she wants nothing to do with former best friend Ben Moorland, who’s returned from god-knows-where, and fails. Miserably.

Instead of maintaining her coveted popularity status, Quincy’s goes down like the Titanic.

Maybe … just maybe … that’s okay.

It seems, perhaps, becoming a grim reaper isn’t just about the dead but more about a much needed shift in Quincy’s priorities—from who she thinks she wants to be to who she really is.

Doesn’t this sound awesome!  You only have to wait until January 2013.  Click here to add this lovely to your TBR list on Goodreads.

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4 thoughts on “Find out what drives L.S. Murphy crazy #MeetTheAuthor

  1. So … you’re a bit of an archaeological nerd? Hehehe, just kidding. I have to agree, though, that so many authors seem to have the same kind of personality traits or hangups. I, too hate crowds. Can’t stand being surrounded by people. Can’t even stand the thought of brushing shoulders when passing folk on a busy street. We’re a queer bunch, aren’t we?

  2. Awesome interview, and I totally agree about Mr. Darcy…really, he’s mine. No sharing. Ever. LOL! Congrats on your book. 🙂

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