I won! Sort of #deathmatchresults

So, back in October, the lovely and talented (and way too fast of a writer for my liking), Ms. Aimee Laine, challenged me to a write-off rematch during National Novel Writing Month in November.

Being the non competitive person I am (yeah right *snort*) I grudgingly accepted.

The rules:  First one to hit 50,000 words and send it off to Judge Julie–who had to verify we didn’t type “and” 50,000 times–wins, gets to do a happy dance and point and snicker at the non-winner

The spoils:  The non-winner has to write a blog post bowing down to the winner & send chocolate


November first came and the heckling began.  Check out Judge Julie’s post here to see samples of our back and forth.  🙂  Hehe  It was a blast!

Here are my daily totals, the diagonal line representing the daily goal to hit 50k by the end of November.  Day 5 was a good one.  Any other writing day I can usually manage about 2,500 words.  For some reason when Aimee and I are racing, I can pump out anywhere from 5-10,000 words per day.  Crazy, right?

Although I cursed myself for accepting the dual while it was going on because Aimee is such a formidable opponent, I got so much done it was worth all of the stress.

Thanks to our friendly (mostly 😉 ) competition and despite being sick for half of the time, I set a new personal record.  Fourteen days after NaNoWriMo began, I crossed the finish line.  Woo hoo!  Though, my victory is a little empty this time.  Ms. Laine went on vacation for a whole week where she didn’t write, and if she hadn’t, she might very well have won.

Oh well.  I guess we’ll just have to have another rematch soon to settle this like the proper ladies we are.  *snort*

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