Release day! – Touch of Frost

It’s February.  Wow.  I blinked and Halloween was over.  Looked away for a second, and there went Christmas.  Where the heck did January go?  I could have sworn there were thirty-one days in there somewhere, but they, too, zoomed by when I wasn’t paying attention.

Another day I’ve been waiting for has arrived all of a sudden.


I’m so excited to share this one.

Here’s the little beauty hitting the virtual markets today in e-book format.  Isn’t it pretty?

Even the simplest of touches between Will Frost and Lauren McLean are forbidden.

To share love will surely mean death.

Since her granddad’s passing, Lauren has existed a few steps out of sync with the world. Desperate to feel the love only he offered her as a child, Lauren returns to the haven they once shared — a snow-covered cabin at the foothills of the Rockies.

It’s not the memory of her granddad that warms her ice-cold, frost-bitten body after being caught in a blizzard, though. It’s the man in whose bed she wakes.

Along with bringing life to her soul, Will stirs deep-rooted memories in Lauren and brings out the love she seeks.

What Will knows about himself — the secrets of his kind — he keeps hidden, forcing Lauren to search for answers, to question and ultimately put her life, and his own existence, in danger.

In love though, there is always a way.

Can Will get around the rules? Or will Lauren give up her life simply to have one last touch from Will Frost?

So raise your glass and help me celebrate.  ::clink::  Cheers!

Touch of Frost

If you’d like to pick up a copy of this one, here’s a link for you:

To celebrate this release, there are lots of cool posts coming up in the next several weeks featuring lots of giveaways and deep, dark secrets I’ve spilled to only a select few hosting me for my blog tour.  Check back for dates and locations.

Today, check out J. Taylor Publishing’s blog for a great giveaway going on right now!  Win yourself a copy of Touch of Frost.

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It’s a boy! – Name the Puffball Contest

I interrupt my regularly scheduled blog post today to bring you breaking news.

Our family has grown!

Our new little boy is four months old.  His older sister isn’t terribly impressed yet, but I hope she’ll warm up to him soon.

We have one little problem.  Our little boy doesn’t have a name.  So, I thought, who better to help me come up with some good ones than a bunch of authors and readers?

Anyone game?

Yeah?  Cool.

Here’s his picture:

Isn’t he cute?  He’s actually tiny, but next to WeeB he looks full grown.

Here’s another:

Here’s your task.

Drop by as many times as you like and leave name suggestions in the comments below this post.  My family will choose the best one from the list on Friday, February 3rd.  The winner will receive:

1) An ebook copy of Touch of Frost

2) A signed paperback of The Glass Man

3) A signed bookmark for The Glass Man


My Crazy Life as a Farmer’s Daughter Part 1

I started a new job last week, and I have to say, I’m quite enjoying it.  The people are great, there’s lots of work to keep my mind and fingers busy, and I’m getting a steady paycheck again.

Life is good.

As always when I begin working at a new place, everyone wants to know me.  Where did I grow up?  Who is my family?  Where did I go to school?

Naturally, stories of my childhood growing up on a farm came up.  Below is a drawing of the farm in Lakefield, Ontario where I lived for the first twenty years of my life, created by my talented brother in law, Nick.

Our fifteen room monstrosity of a drafty house is on the left.  When the wind blew, the carpet in the living room would lift up.  Yep, not kidding.  And being on a hill, the wind blew OFTEN.  Brrr.  The white building in the middle is where I worked with Dad on all sorts of machinery.  The rebuilt version after the original one burned to the ground when I was ten.  To the right of that was the gas house, and right of that is the small chicken coop where we raised free-range hens every year.

As I told my stories, I realized how dangerous that life was, yet we never really considered it at the time, it was just normal. I thought I’d spend the next few weeks sharing a few of my craziest stories with you.  And yes, they are all true.

One of the jobs I most hated was picking stones.  Yep, it’s just what it sounds like.  After a plow turned up the soil, we went along and picked up all of the rocks big enough to damage the other machinery used before seeding.  Exciting, right?  And back breaking.

I was lucky, though, because I was so much younger than my siblings, I got the privileged of driving the tractor pulling the wagon where we loaded the stones on to.  I remember a story my Dad told me about when I was four that raises the hair on the back of my neck when I picture having that much trust in my daughter.  Yeah, so not happening.

It was just him and me that day, so we had no wagon.  I steered the old, red model ‘C’ tractor we often used for smaller jobs with a hydraulic bucket on the front, while he loaded the rocks in by hand.  Because of my short height and light weight, I had to stand on the clutch and pull down on the steering wheel in order to shift gears.  My Dad always gives a sheepish laugh when he says he just looked up from the stone he was prying on, and found me barreling across the field away from him.  He thought for sure I’d lost control and would run it into the stone fence.  He ran after me, but knew he’d never catch me in time.

Apparently I’d watched him dump the stones in the fence and had paid attention to how he did it, because he said I stopped the tractor in just the right place, raised the bucket, and dumped it just as he had.  When I backed up the tractor and turned around, he said he was just standing there gaping at me thinking he might just have a heart attack right there.

I bet.


I worry enough when my daughter crosses a country road while holding my hand and she’s almost six!  I can’t imagine sending her off on a giant death on wheels machine.  But that was normal for me as a kid, as it is with most farm families.  I was taught to respect the animals and the equipment, and I learned fast.  It still shocks me that all five of us kids survived growing up in a continuous hazard zone.  Though it was a hard life, it was also a good life.

Stop back next week for my adventures in the silo.  🙂


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Coming February 1

Girls have to stick together #sixsunday

Welcome back.  I hope you had a terrific holiday season full of friends, family and some great books.  As promised, here’s another teaser from my upcoming novella release, Touch of Frost.  We pick up Lauren and Will after she recovers and ventures outside for the first time in days to find a crystal morning on the mountainside.

When [Will] picked up another [snowball], Calla came bounding in from the side and knocked him into the powder. Laughing, he heaved the big cat off of his chest. “Whose side are you on, anyway?”
The silver [lynx] yowled and took off, running in a circle around him the way I’d seen excited dogs do.
Nearly splitting a gut at Will’s stunned face, half covered in crystals, I trudged over and knelt beside him. “Us girls have to stick together.”

That’ll teach him for popping Lauren in the kisser with a snowball.  🙂  Don’t forget to click the logo at the top to check out the other participants.

See you next week!


Touch of Frost Teaser

Wow.  It’s now less than a month until Touch of Frost is released.  Squee!  Today, I’m all atwitter because I get to share an excerpt from chapter 1 with you.

Here it is:

Chapter 1

I stood inside Granddad’s cabin with a tear rolling down my cheek. Spiderwebs hung in swaths from the familiar peaked ceiling. A thick layer of dust covered the wooden mantel over the stone fireplace, the hardwood floor, and the table he’d made out of an old oak tree.

My fingers dug into the back of the faded plaid sofa. The last time I’d sat on it had been for the reading of Granddad’s will five years before, where I’d discovered he’d left the place to me. My childhood sanctuary sat untouched, awaiting my return, all that time.

Silence and loneliness put a squeeze on my soul. As I’d feared, without Granddad’s welcoming presence to fill the space, the cabin had become nothing more than an empty building no better than my apartment in the city—as meaningless as my life without his arms to hold me or his gentle voice to give advice on school, career choices, and even men.

Not that it helped me find one I could love.

No one measured up to him.

Through the cloudy window, the wilderness beckoned me to explore as if Granddad waited for me like he always had. An undeniable urge had me sprinting to the stairs. The third step from the top creaked, flooding my head with memories. Every year, my little socked feet had padded down those stairs in hopes of catching a glimpse of the Christmas tree, but I never made it past that step before Granddad would start counting.

“Back to your room before the count of five, peanut,” he’d say as he emerged from his bedroom, his white hair sticking every which way, fighting to hide his laughter from me. On his one, I’d chance another step. His two gave me another. When he reached four, I’d race back to my room, giggling.

Wearing a sad smile, I turned down the hallway and ducked into the last doorway.

My room hadn’t changed except for grime coating everything.  An old handmade quilt topped the single bed by the window. A small white dresser graced the corner. On top of the peeling painted surface, Granddad’s stormy gray eyes stared out from the middle of a golden picture frame. In the image, he held a small piece of wood, half whittled into the shape of a lynx, and his carving knife.

A few more tears leak out as I clutched the picture to my chest. He and I had lounged on the back porch while he gouged at the wood, endless stories falling from his lips. Tales about how the sky and forest were living, breathing forces—the true gods of our world. Between the two, if we treated them with respect, had patience and knew where to look, they would provide everything we needed to survive.

Replacing the picture on my dresser took a strength I thought I’d lost. I emptied my knapsack on the bed, anxious to get out to the place where I knew his spirit roamed free.


If you enjoyed this little snippet, this little beauty will be available February 1st.

Click here to add it to your TBR pile on Goodreads.  🙂

Touch of Frost

When checking out a stranger’s butt, don’t get caught #SixSunday #TouchOfFrost

Welcome back!  As promised, I’m offering another six from my upcoming paranormal romance novella, Touch of Frost.

This scene comes after Lauren gets caught ogling Will from across the room.  At her blushed complexion he touches her forehead to check for fever but finds her cool.

[Will’s] head took on a concerned tilt.

I chewed my bottom lip. “Sorry, I . ..” Mortified at my bumbling, I rolled my face into the pillow. “The rosy isn’t from the fever.” It’s because I’m a total loser, crushing on the hot mountain man in the room when I should be thanking him.

At least she’s honest.  🙂

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3 must-read series’ to ask Santa for #giveaway

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by on your tour around the Mid-Winters Eve Blog Hop.  I know I’m always looking for some recommendations for great urban fantasy and paranormal romance reads, so I thought I’d share some recent finds I thoroughly enjoyed.  You can take them off to the nearest mall and whisper them into Santa’s ear.  I’ve already made my list.  Have you?

Maybe I can put something a little extra in your stocking this year.  Click the logo above to continue along the tour and enter to win more great prizes.

GIVEAWAY – International

I’m going to give away the following to one lucky commenter:

An eBook copy of

The Glass Man

Into the Unknown

AND an Advanced Reader’s copy of my new novella, Touch of Frost

What do you have to do to win?

Just leave me a comment at the bottom of this post recommending your favorite UF or PNR book or series before 7pm on December 27th.  I’ll choose a poster at random and post the winner on December 28th.  Don’t forget to leave me a way to reach you (email, twitter account, facebook account, etc.)

Here are my top 3 must-read series for the PNR & UF lovers

3.  Demonica Series by Larissa Ione – Steam rating – 4/5

The covers of this series aren’t very imaginative (though quite identifiable), but the content within is unique and held me rapt book after book.

This series centers around a hospital for demons, Underground General, starring mainly the three seminus demon brothers, Eidolon the doctor, Shade the finder of things and heavy-hitter of the bunch, and Wraith, the vampire, all three incubus’s and faced with nearly impossible relationships.

I love the relationship between these three leading men, each starring in their own book in the series, along with their half brother & sister, Lore & Sin later on.  The fights they get into would scare you skinny, but Ione does a great job of showing their deep-rooted affection for one another when things go awry and they lean on the others for support.

The sex scenes are descriptive enough to be satisfying, but not so raunchy as to offend those of us with more delicate tastes in that department.  As each of these tasty men meet the loves of their lives, we see their struggle with what they are and the relationship they want–always with a price attached.  If I’ve come near the end of the book and I’m still squirming in my seat, I call it a keeper.  The endings are short and sweet, and often set up a little something for the next book in the series.  Definitely on my have-ta-read list.

2.  Mercedes Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs – Steam rating 1/5

Mercy Thompson is a VW mechanic, not your typical profession for a heroine.  I loved it.  She’s also a walker, a coyote shifter different from other types of shifters and werewolves because she can transform instantly and holds a little magic from her native heritage.

This series has lots of action and excitement, as well as some romance and suspense.  She lives in a trailer and the alpha of the local werewolf pack is her back yard neighbor, whom she pisses off by putting a junky looking VW bug between their houses.  You see, Adam is a bit of a neat freak and a control freak, but because she’s not part of the pack, nor is she defying him outright, he can’t do much about it.  It sets off their relationship on a very interesting and tension-filled path.

Add in a sexy ex-boyfriend who somehow manages to become her room mate, a yummy vampire who may or may not have a romantic interest in her, and the heat continues throughout the books.  I was a little disappointed that all of the sex takes place off camera, but it didn’t detract enough to affect my enjoyment of the series.

1.  Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andrews – Steam rating 4/5

I’m not big on the covers for this series, but what I found within gave me immense enjoyment.  I’ve always loved a post-apocalyptic sort of setting, and this one delivered quite a unique one.  Magic has destroyed a lot of the world.  When it flares, it knocks out all electronic devices and leaves everything dark except for the fae lanterns that come on for safety.

Kate is … well, I’m not really sure we learned exactly what she is, only that her father is powerful and she has to remove any traces of her blood she may leave.  If dear daddy finds her through the magic in her blood, she’d be in trouble.

The icing on this intriguing cake is Curran, the lion shifter beast lord.  He’s scary as hell and yummy enough to star in a fantasy or two, especially when he challenges Kate to a bet (which she loses) and the penalty is for her to serve him supper … naked.  Ha!  The tension between these two picks up heat in book two as Kate is dragged more and more into shifter business and other disasters that affect the beast lord enough he jumps in to help.  I can’t wait for the next one of this series to come out.

I’ve given you my favorites, now don’t forget to leave yours in the comments below for your chance to win.  Good luck!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Be well.

Love lots.

Smile often.