Sweet moments #sixsunday

This week I thought I’d bring you something from my current National Novel Writing Month project, Road to Salvation.

This six comes from a moment after Charlotte startles Joel in the shower, causing him to fall and bump his head.  She broke out of her normal quiet demeanor and demanded he let her look at it despite his unwillingness to let her see him naked.

Holding her fingers still against Joel’s scalp, Charlotte paused her inspection.  “Have I hurt you?”

His face tilted up to meet hers, bringing him close enough their noses brushed.  Warm, sweet breath fanned across her lips, and before she could stop herself, she closed the distance and kissed him.

Uncertainty shone from Joel’s eyes.  He remained still as if afraid she might bolt if he moved even a muscle.

I hope you liked this little snippet.  Click the Six Sunday Logo to see the rest of the participants.

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