Tempted Part 2 #sixsunday

Here is another snippet from Tempted (from Liam Kane’s POV (The Glass Man)), part of the Into the Unknown anthology coming soon from J. Taylor Publishing.  In this scene, Liam has done something to make Lila emotional, something she despises.  She’s just slugged him for it.

“Damn, that hurt.” I rubbed my stomach. “How hard have you been working out?”

She shrugged and cast a smile over her shoulder, one that could claim my heart and soul, not that I minded. “Hard enough. Now, I’d better get back before my whole guard comes looking for me. It’ll be hard enough explaining why I’m naked.”

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Coming December 1, 2011

Into the Unknown Goodies

I’ve got some cool goodies my publisher, J. Taylor Publishing, sent me to share with you today for the Into the Unknown anthology coming out on December 1st.  Yes, just in time for Christmas!  My story, Tempted, is from Liam’s point of view, the hero from The Glass Man.  That got your attention, right?  😉  Also in this one, the heroes from J. A. Belfield’s novel, Darkness & Light (Sean) and from Aimee Laine’s novel, Little White Lies (Wyatt), show us a little glimpse into their respective worlds from their points of view.  How can you pass this one up?

Check out the cool bookmarks, back and front & check out my website for some nifty downloadable wallpaper for your computer:

Cover Reveal – Into the Unknown

I’m so excited to announce another release.  SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!  Okay, now that I’ve got that out of my system, here’s the deal.  My wonderful and talented publisher, J. Taylor Publishing, put together this great anthology that includes short stories from the leading men of all three debut novels, Sean from Darkness & Light, by J. A. Belfield, Wyatt from Little White Lies, by Aimee Laine, and Liam from The Glass Man by, you guessed it, ME!

So, without further blathering on by me, here it is:

Book Blurb

Three men never expected love to wreak so much havoc in their lives.

In Marked, Darkness & Light’s Sean Holloway is on a mission—to find the perfect gift for the woman of his dreams. When all conventional choices turn out to be the wrong ones, each failed attempt convinces Sean his self-imposed task is impossible. But in the world of the Holloway Pack, anything is possible if it can be kept a secret.

In Misguided, Little White Lies’s Wyatt Moreland is hot on the trail of a wanted man when a rumor about his fiancée halts his progress. His desire to keep her safe wars with her need to be involved in his work and could derail their entire wedding unless he finds out the truth before she does.

In Tempted, The Glass Man’s Liam Kane made a promise to the fae he loves never to use his power to harm others. When a horrific event angers him, the energy boiling inside seduces him into walking a dark path. He has but one choice: resist his own nature or give up the one he loves.

Will the three men make the right choices? Or will their actions destroy their futures with the women they love?

If you loved the books, you’ll absolutely have to have this excellent companion to give you another point of view from your favorite heros.