Provoking the Professor #tuesdayteaser #nalit

Happy Tuesday!

Are you staring out your window at a winter wonderland like me?  Love it.  How about another teaser from Darkside Sun to go with your morning coffee?

This is from chapter 2 after Addison arrives late to Professor Green’s lecture and her daily trouble begins:

“I’ve changed my mind,” Professor Green said at last in the tone of Thor about to unleash lightning on us.  Dark, dangerous, and, I had to admit, frighteningly sexy if you liked a little danger in the bedroom.  He’d be like riding a wild, prehistoric beast.  If you could catch him, had the nerve to climb on, and he didn’t tear your face off right away, the ride would be exhilarating, leaving you winded and flushed and hotter than Mount St. Helens’ guts. 

If it hadn’t been for the voice and his blatant arrogance, he’d have been just a preppy and anally retentive nerd-type.  Okay, so the hair was pretty good, too.  And the body.  I wondered what he’d look like without that Oxford on.  Um…what?  I righted myself, remembering he was about to give me a public thrashing of some sort and I shouldn’t be daydreaming about my professor.

I wanted to ask him what he’d changed his mind about, but nobody rushed the man.  He marched to the beat of his own death-march drum.  Two minutes went by.  Three.  God, why didn’t he get it over with?

Poor Addison.  She does have a habit of getting her self into some serious pickles, and it will only go downhill from here.  I’m so mean!  🙂  Have a lovely week, everyone. 

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