Darkside Sun #tuesdayteaser #nalit

Sheesh, it’s been so long since I’ve posted I had to relearn my own blog!  *slaps myself on the wrist*  The editing gods have been whipping me senseless this month with two separate releases coming this spring, but I promise to do better now that the bulk of the work is done.

I wanted to start sharing a few teasers of my upcoming Entangled Embrace release, Darkside Sun, coming in February. We’ve been editing furiously to get it polished, and I am so happy with how it’s shaping up.

This excerpt is from Chapter 3, right after Addison humiliates herself during Professor Green’s lecture, and has been ordered to his office.

I tried not to notice how those dress pants hugged his firm behind, but my gaze kept zeroing in there like his ass had its own gravity. 

Shaking off my idiocy, I padded along behind him, feeling too under-dressed to be going to his office.  I imagined an immaculate space arranged just so, complete with a golden throne or a sacrificial altar.  Or a torture chamber.  What did one wear to a torture chamber?  If said chamber belonged to him, a dress or suit at the very least.  And polished nails.  And high heels, not dirty hiking boots.  Not that I did heels or dresses, but I almost wished I’d dressed better today.  Perhaps worn my Sunday-best plaid.

My pulse ricocheted around my body when he stopped by an oak door that said “Professor of Anthropology” and opened it.  What did he want, anyway?  Publicly humiliating me wasn’t enough—he had to give me a private thrashing, too?

Poor Addison.  If she only knew just how deep in it she is.  You’ll only have to wait a few more months to find out!  *grins*

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