Crossing Hathaway Part 2 #sixsunday


I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.  Mine was peaceful and quiet, just how I like it, filled with games and laughs, reading and writing, family and friends.

First things first, the winner of last week’s giveaway is … drum roll please …  Jessica Subject

Congrats, Jessica!  I’ll be in touch shortly to arrange for your prize.

Today we rejoin Eva as she returns to Mr. Hathaway’s office with his latest order.  After he startled her, she not only spilled the coffee over his expensive carpet and crisp, white shirt, but also scalded her hand.  This is what happens when he demands to see the damage she did to herself and grabs her hand, pulling her toward him when she balks.

Warmth crawled up my flesh as I surveyed the hills and valleys of his six-pack, moved upward over the smooth swell above. The fingers of my undamaged hand tingled, wanted to reach out and touch to see if the wall of muscle felt as amazing as it looked. My gaze traveled up farther. His dark hair curled a little, some falling across his brow, other pieces flipping out beneath his ears. Intense green eyes inspected my hand, and for a moment, I couldn’t remember why he’d asked to see it. Everything below my bellybutton tightened.

I think she’s going to have a hard time staying mad at him.  What do you think?  😉

Have a wonderful new year, and I’ll meet you here again next Sunday for another tidbit. Oh, and don’t forget to click on the link at the top to see the rest of the participants.



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