Crossing Hathaway #sixsunday #giveaway


Hey, it’s been a while since I joined in the Six Sunday fun.  Click the link above for the rest of the participants and make sure to drop them a note to let them know you stopped by.

I thought I’d share my six this week from my contemporary romance, Crossing Hathaway, that released with Liquid Silver Books back in the summer.

From those who leave a comment, I’ll select one person who will receive a free e-book copy and post the winner on my blog next Wednesday.  Good luck and enjoy!

This scene is from chapter 1 of the book.  Mr. Hathaway has sent Eva out into the pouring rain to get him coffee, a degrading thing for a proud IT chick to have to do.  🙂

I pulled Satan’s cell from my damp pocket and bent forward to keep the rain off. The text on the screen filled me with an urge to hurl the phone through the window into the bakery:  I want my order today, Miss Russell, and it had better be hot when you return.

“You pompous, simple-minded, dick-for-brains!”

The red-haired woman in front of me whirled around and scowled at me, her umbrella hoisted high above her head. Little rivers rolled off the side of it right onto my head. Nice.

Poor Eva.  He didn’t even get her name right in the text.  If you’d like to know how it all turns out, check out the book (click on the cover below), or stop by next week for another juicy morsel.  Don’t forget to leave me a note for a chance to win a copy!


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