Rise of the Magi Goodies

The year is winding down.  What a whirlwind, eventful, exciting year for me on the writing front.  Book 2 of my Lila Gray trilogy released … what was it, three months ago already?  In a short six month time, book 3 will be out. 

It seems inconceivable to me that it’s already time to share all of my Rise of the Magi goodies with you, but the day has finally arrived.

Check out my pretties!RiseOfTheMagi-Book-Cover



Aren’t the colors pretty?


RiseOfTheMagi-Bookmark-Front-web RiseOfTheMagi-Bookmark-Back-web

Desktop Wallpaper




Aren’t they awesome?  I’m so excited for the Lila Gray fans out there to read this one.  Sad, too, that my time with Lila is almost over, but happy with how it all turns out.  I hope you are, too.

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