{Announcement} New series opener signed!

Very soon you will meet Lou Hudson, preternatural pest exterminator extraordinaire, and the last of the Jinn.  Her secrets are the only thing standing between her and annihilation. 

Something is threatening to unearth those secrets.  Some truths are better left buried, but soon Lou might not have a choice. 

She’ll be damned if she does … and dead if she doesn’t.




Are you ready?  Because I Am!

I’m very excited to announce that Stone Chameleon, the first of the Ironhill Jinn series, has been accepted by MuseItUp Publishing.  Neat, right?

I don’t have many details right now, but I’m sure I’ll soon have lots of goodies to share.  You know, release dates, cover art and stuff.  Squee!

I’m hoping the image above will become the icon of the Ironhill Jinn series, created by my talented brother-in-law, Nick West based on a hastily sketched idea of mine.

At this point I’m thinking there will be five books in the series, possibly six if my muse takes me on a wild joy ride–and he often does.  🙂

I hope you stick with me over the next several months and will check it out once the magic date arrives.

So, what do you think?  Sound intriguing?


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