Release day squee – Crossing Hathaway #giveaway

After so long stewing in the basement of my laptop, Crossing Hathaway is finally here!

Ben Hathaway and Eva Ross are now waiting for your hot little e-readers in virtual stores everywhere.  I’m so excited I’m giving away a free e-book copy to one lucky commenter.

Check it out the deets.

Back of the book:

Thirtysomething Eva had a choice to make: shut her big mouth and work directly for Ben Hathaway—the übersexy, incredibly arrogant, reclusive owner of Hathaway Pharmaceuticals. Or tell him he’s an ass like she’s dying to do and get herself fired.

Giving up, though, would leave her penniless, land her back home with a father who hates her, and without the only job she’s ever loved.

Decision made, Eva opts for the lesser of two evils. So she thinks.

Ben keeps Eva on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week—tasked with activities that don’t fit her job description: like getting him coffee, staying for dinner, and more … personal requests. Despite having sworn off men, the chemistry between them lights fires she’s supposed to be putting out.

As it turns out, getting screwed by the boss takes on a whole new meaning. When word of their developing relationship leaks, both of Eva’s roles—reluctant girlfriend and IT genius—are subject to termination.

She was absolutely right when she thought getting involved with Ben was a bad idea, and now, balancing work and love may no longer even be an option. Saving Ben may require that Eva walk away. From everyone.

That, or, death may be the cause that parts them. Forever.

How do you win?

It’s easy.  I just want your opinion on something that’s been stewing in my mind.  Speaking of adult romance only, would you find the same satisfaction in a book where there was no sex between the hero and heroine?  Would you be satisfied with just the development of the relationship?  Or do you need the physical?

Just leave your opinion in the comments below, and I’ll choose one person using on Thursday, August 9th.  Please leave me a way to reach you, an email address, Goodreads name, Twitter, Facebook, etc., which will only be used for the purpose of sending your prize if you should win.

Thanks for stopping by, and good luck!

If you’d like to skip the contest and pick one up right now, here are some purchase links:


All Romance eBooks


12 thoughts on “Release day squee – Crossing Hathaway #giveaway

  1. Closed doors / fading away is FINE in my opinion. Let’s face it – there are a lot of romance story lovers who won’t read the steamy. Take the whole christian market for example. Tons of christian authors have made some good $ with conservative romance books.
    There’s definitely a market for them.
    I love reading the steamy, but don’t ask me to ever write it!!!!

  2. Hi Jocelyn, I think that the sex IS an important part of the story, although there are many varying degrees that it can be put in there, Honestly, I think in real life we spend alot of time building up to good things, and the proper end does not always present itself! At least in a story where the suspense builds towards the sex, a final scene where the characters “do it” leaves the reader satisfied. Because really, that is why we escape to books anyway! I do not think it has to be an explicit sex scene, but just knowing the characters made it behind the closed doors makes us feel the author rounded out the the story. Not to say that I am against the explicit….haha. Cannot wait to read this!
    Kim S

  3. I was going to add my comments but I think Kim S. said it perfectly. So I’ll say “ditto” to her comment. ;). I look forward to reading it.

  4. Congratulations on the release day! I can’t wait to read it! 🙂

    I’m not entering this giveaway, but I was wondering where I can buy the Chasing Hathaway e-book because I couldn’t find it at B&N, Amazon, or even Silver Liquid Books.

  5. I don’t mind the closed doors stuff at all so long as the emotion is there for both characters. I want to see their breath quicken, their knees weaken…everything to show me they’re completely mad for each other. IMO, showing the sex should be a bonus, not the whole of the context of the two character’s relationship…. I know, I know… I’m one to talk, aren’t I? :p

  6. I don’t need the physical in order to enjoy a romance, I could definitely read a book that didn’t have it, but it seems more believable when there are steamy scenes. I am drawn to books that have an emotional element. I like to feel and that requires more than just a bedroom scene. You write it I’ll read it, hot stuff or not.

  7. Well, it’s nice when there is physical contact, but this is not a factor, there are books where there is sex and romance is in last, is not the case for adult books but I take into account certain genres of YA’s where there is no sex and the book is amazing! For me the book well written adult even where there is no sex between the characters is much more than a completely full of sex!

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