Shadowborn Trailer Awesomeness!!!!! #shadowborn #lilagray

The ARC of baby number two, Shadowborn, has recently been released.  (bites nails)  This is really happening soon.  The continuation of Liam and Lila’s story will be on the virtual shelves in four short months.  Yikes!

I’m not sure why I’m so nervous about this one.  Maybe because I really like it and I hope others do, too.

Lots of neat little bits and bobs arrive from my publisher during the whole publishing process, and other than the cover reveal, this is the one I look forward to receiving.  The new trailer for Shadowborn is ready, and I get to share it with you today!  After opening the email, and when I finished hopping up and down, I checked it out.  And again.  And again.  I’ve watched it about a hundred times already.




It captures the ominous, dark feeling of the book to perfection, right down to the music.

Check it out.

So, what do you think?  Would you pick up the book after watching this?

8 thoughts on “Shadowborn Trailer Awesomeness!!!!! #shadowborn #lilagray

  1. Oh my god!!!
    I loved it, Lila! That’s Lila! *jumps*
    And Liam, How many muscles! *faints*
    The music is perfect! *sighs*

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