Shadowborn Teaser #lilagray #giveaway

I’m having a rare double-post kind of day, which doesn’t happen very often, but I have something mucho important to share with you today!

*rubs hands together and gives a maniacal laugh*

The time for incessant teasing is upon us.  My Shadowborn book marks are now in my hot little hands.  The calendar is ticking ever closer to the big event.  October sounds like a long way away, but it’s really not.  Until then, when book two of Lila Gray’s story will hit the shelves, I’m going to provide you with a taste or two of what you will find between the sheets … er … covers of the book.


Anyone who leaves a comment on this post will have their name thrown into the hat to win the following:

1 signed Shadowborn cover


1 signed Shadowborn bookmark

Are you ready?

Okay, so I’ve been given this polished tidbit to share with you, the first 500 words, courtesy of the editing team at J. Taylor Publishing.

Squeee!  Here it goes …

Chapter 1

On a battle cry, Nix slammed into my back. Air rushed out of my lungs, leaving me hunched in a coughing fit. I wheezed and staggered forward. “You are so dead.”

“As you keep saying.” The captain of my guard snickered, the infuriating sound jacking my frustration to a new level. “It’s about time you buck up and get it done, don’t you think?”

Gritting my teeth, I planted my left foot and kicked back with my right. He swept my supporting leg out from under me. I crashed chest-first onto the floor, my boob damn near exploding underneath me. Pain spiraled up my spine, and the stone walls of the training room blurred.

A roll brought me to my weary feet, and the room back into focus. Red tinted my vision.

Rage swelled in my soul, stirring a dark energy Parthalan left behind after he’d bonded with me. Nix rushed me again. I dodged, grabbed his wrist and used his momentum to send him into the block wall, his grunt bringing a smile to my face. He pushed against the stone with his foot as I raced to crush him against it. His elbow cracked into my ribs and sent me to the floor staring at the red ceiling of the Seelie Castle again.

“God dammit.” I rubbed my chest and focused on the white, rib-like cross beams above my head, though little white faeries dancing in my vision obscured most of it. “When I asked you to teach me how to fight, I didn’t mean for you to beat the hell out of me every damn day.” Testing the tender bruise on my shoulder, I said, “I still have marks from yesterday. If I was human, I’d probably be dead by now.”

Nix chuckled and leaned over me, a few strands of his platinum blond hair falling loose from the tie he’d secured it with. “You ask, and I deliver the goods. You know that.”

I jumped to my feet and paced the length of the small space, my hands pushing at my sweaty hair as I considered my next move. “You know why I need this training.”

He crouched, wary eyes following my movements. “Not really. Every time I ask you what happened the day you killed Parthalan, you change the subject. Maybe I should ask Liam.” As usual, Nix said the new Unseelie king’s name as though he’d licked dirt off his boot.

The jab snapped my energy to attention. Roaring, I ran at Nix, threw my elbow into his ribs and knocked him off balance while I tried not to relive the memories resurfacing after more than a year of keeping them at bay. “Rourke killed Garret while I could do nothing but watch. He was just a kid.” My brother. I’m so sorry I failed you.

“Shit. No wonder you’re so driven.” Nix edged closer, rubbing his mid-section. “I think we should stop—”

“I can’t stop! I should have been able to save him. And I should be kicking your ass by now.” With a launch forward, my foot struck out in search of his knee, but he sidestepped with a quick leap. My finger jammed in his direction. “Something’s coming. Something bigger than Parthalan. Bigger than the fall of civilization.”


Dun, dun, dunnnnn!  So, whatcha think?  Did I wet your appetite for a little more Lila Gray?  I’m so mean to her in this book, just you wait and see.  You only have to wait until October to find out just how cruel I was.  Muahahaha!!  Okay, I’m shutting up now.  Don’t forget to leave a comment to win my goodies along with a way to reach you.

16 thoughts on “Shadowborn Teaser #lilagray #giveaway

  1. Am I allowed to have my name in the hat? Coz you know I like shinies. 🙂
    Oh, and I didn’t read the excerpt, simply because I like to read the book in its entirety. Which I shall be. Very soon. 😉

  2. I scream? Oh man … Nix … hmmm … Liam … dear Lila that trouble you will get this time?
    OCTOBER is far, far away … sigh#

  3. As always, your writing has me hooked from the first paragraph! You ARE one of my favorite authors. I love everything you’ve written and can’t wait to get my hands on this new novel.

  4. I love how the action starts right from the very beginning – definitely piqued my interest.

    Not sure if I’ve congratulated you before, so Congrats! 🙂

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