Is Chastity Bush a boy shorts or a commando girl? #MeetTheAuthor

Is it Friday again, already?  Hokey, where did the week go?  It’s time, once again, for Meet the Author.  We’re back with yet another kick-butt author to strip her down and see how she works.  😉 

Please give a warm welcome to Chastity Bush, spicy romance author of her latest delicacy, The Stranger Next Door.

I just have to say what an awesome name you have!  🙂  What scared you most as a child?  Has it changed as an adult?

As a child I was afraid of everything. From spiders to strangers, you name it, I was afraid of it. Now that I’m grown, I’ve shaken most of my fears, but still to this day, if you come at me with a spider, you better expect to get ninja kicked!

That makes two of us.  They are creeptacular, aren’t they?  *shivers*  While I haven’t read your book, it sounds awesome and has jumped up to the top of my TBR pile.  Are there any other fantastic novels waiting to burst free from your imagination in the future?

Actually I’m working on several at the moment. The one I’m most excited about is titled Melody Massacre to the Rescue. It’s a paranormal romantic suspense about special agent Melody Massacre. She hunts and captures rogue ‘others’ and at the moment is on the trail of one who’s leaving the mutilated bodies of men at truck stops all across the states. She, along with fellow agent Bennett Mason must identify, find, and capture the killer, while fighting their growing desires for each other.

Oh, I love me some good PNR.  Sounds like it would be right up my alley to curl up in bed with.  😉  Speaking of bedtime, there are a lot of stereotypes cast in a romance novelist’s direction, like they must sleep in slinky lingerie when most I’ve met are dressed from head to toe in flannel jammies when they hit the sack.  Are you a warm and comfy girl?  Or an in-the-buff or silk and satin kind of girl?

Those stereotypes make me crazy at time. But on this… Now, don’t get me wrong, I love warm and soft and fuzzy, but I have to be comfortable while I sleep, so when I hit the sack, it’s in the buff all the way.

Right on!  You and me both.  I don’t get sleeping in clothes, getting all tangled in sleeves and bottoms that ride up.  It’s just so wrong and confining.  How about the waking hours?  Are you a boy shorts, granny panties, thong, g-string or commando girl?

It all depends really, mostly commando, unless I’m being sexy for my hubby, then there’s no telling what I’ll put on. *Big grin*

Yes!  Ha!  A girl after my own heart, not that I swing that way, just sayin’.  Love it!  🙂  You, like most of us ink-wranglers I’m sure, put a lot of effort and heart into your characters.  How much of you is in your heroine? 

I always put a little bit of myself into my heroines. Most of it is sarcasm. I’ve been accused a time or two of being sarcastic, but I feel it really makes my heroines pop.

The more of an author in a character, the more believable, I think.  I’m a little on the sarcastic side, too, so now I’m even more excited to read your work.  Do you have any quirks?  Odd little tidbits about you that few people know?

Possibly. I don’t like for my food to touch. It drives me crazy for my food to be all smushed together on the plate. I’ve always been like that and really have no idea why. I just can’t stand for my food to touch.

I get that.  I’m that way with certain things, like bread shouldn’t touch wet veggies.  Nothing cold should get hot and vice versa.  Yuck.  Enough to make Cat Woman puke up a hairball.  Speaking of sexy superheros, if you could be one, what would your power be?

I always say that people should be themselves, unless they can be Spiderman, and if that’s the case, then they should always be Spiderman. I just think it’d be really cool as I’ve always been a fan of Spiderman, as are my daughters. Strange isn’t it? I hate spiders, but love Spiderman?

I couldn’t agree more.  Be your own superhero, the penned avenger!  *snort*  Spiderman is pretty cool, though I’m afraid of heights, so I wouldn’t dig the whole swinging from a web thing.  If he asked you out for dinner, what would you eat?  Favorite food, as in need-to-get-a-room-to-be-alone-with-it, favorite.

Hands down, Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey Ice Cream and their Raspberry Fudge Chunk frozen Greek yogurt. I can’t get enough of either one. Just talking about it makes me want to rush to the store, climb into the cooler, and have at it!

Thank you so much for having me here today. I appreciate the support!

Mmm, ice cream.  I’ve never had Ben & Jerry’s and now … excuse me while I run to the store!  While I’m on an ice cream run, why not check out The Stranger Next Door:

Back of the Book:

The last thing Officer Tess McCoy expects is to meet her sexy new neighbor wearing nothing but her birthday suit, but since her partner’s death six weeks before, nothing seems to go the way she plans.

Despite his incredible good looks, Tess needs to keep her distance from the sexy stranger. The last thing she needs is another complication in her life, and the man living across the street looks like he could be a very big, very sexy complication.

But her life takes a startling turn when Jack rescues her from would-be kidnappers in the dead of night. Now, she needs Jack’s help to stay safe and find out who wants her, and why.

Sparks fly high as things between them heat up, and Tess can only wonder if she’ll escape the ones attempting to kill her, only to fall victim to Jack’s killer charm.

Connect with Chastity here:





Pick up a copy of this little lovely:

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