Jean Claude vs. Parthalan #clashoftheUFT

Wow, we had a much closer clash of the Urban Fantasy Titans last week!  Our winner, with 60% of the vote, was … (dun, dun, dunnnn!)

Adam Huptman!

That surprises me, actually.  Most people I know are all over Alcide.  Or, at least, would LIKE to be all over him.  😉  Better luck next time!

This week, I have an interesting pairing planned.  Up first is:

Laurel K. Hamilton’s frilly, yet totally yummy vampire,

Jean Claude



My very own narcissistic psychopath king of the fae

Okay, here’s the scenario.  Parthalan is in Arizona just after dark, getting himself fitted for a five thousand dollar suit.  He doesn’t intend to pay, of course, nor will he have any fight from the store clerk since Parthalan melted his manager into a pile of mush in the corner an hour ago when he failed to produce a worthy outfit.

In walks Jean Claude fresh off of his private jet, looking for some clothes to outfit his wolves for a gala.  While browsing, he bumps Parthalan, knocking one of his curls out of place–and if you don’t know my favorite sociopath, I’ll tell you that’s grounds for murder in the most heinous way.

Power erupts from Parthalan, sending Jean Claude into full attack mode.

They exchange witty slights to one another, their tones speaking of blood soon to be spilled as the clerk flees for his life.

Jean Claude can turn Parthalan’s energy against him, carving him like the fine slab of beef he is.  But, and that’s a big but, only if he can avoid Parthalan long enough to hurt him.  All Parthalan has to do is touch Jean Claude and he’s going to be so much stewed chili on the floor.

If these two came to blows, who would walk away and who would need to be scraped into a bucket?

Remember, this vote isn’t for who you LIKE the best, but who you think would kick arse the best.

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