Adam Huptman vs. Alcide Herveaux #clashoftheUFT

Happy Monday … er … Tuesday!  Due to a scheduling conflict, Clash of the Urban Fantasy Titans has been shuffled off until today.  This week, two of fiction’s hottest werewolves will square off.

Are you ready?  Yeah?  Awesome!

Before we get going on this week’s showdown, here are the results of the bout between Anita Blake and Kate Daniels:

With 82% of the vote,

Kate Daniels

is the clear champion.

Wow, poor Anita wasn’t feeling the love there!  You go, Kate!

And now, for this week’s contestants.

Patricia Brigg’s neat and tidy, yet devilishly sexy,

Adam Huptman


Alcide Heveaux

Charlaine Harris’ uber hotty werewolf

Here’s the scenario. Adam and Mercy are honeymooning in Shreveport.  Hungry, they pop into the local grocery store to pick up some giant t-bone steaks to toss on the BBQ back at their camper trailer.

As it happens, Alcide is also in the market with a rumbling belly.  Werewolves eat.  A lot.  And often.  He reaches for the biggest, best looking steak at the same moment as Adam. 

Neither lets go.

Glares lock and tempers flare.

Their beasts answer their anger. 

When Mercy steps in to tell them they’re being idiots, Alcide, his rage getting the better of him, shoves her aside, sending her into a display of Mayonnaise bottles that crash down around her. (Okay, so not really Alcide’s style, but stay with me)

The grocery store clears of screaming patrons at the sight of two emerging werewolves, snarling and snapping at one another.

There’s no magic involved in this fight.  This is sheer brute strength, sharp teeth, and cunning.  One wolf against the other.

Both are driven by instinct, one to defend his territory and the other, his mate.

When they come to blows, who will come out on top?

Please remember this vote isn’t about who you LIKE better, but who you think would kick arse better.  The voting will be open until Friday, and on next Monday’s edition, I’ll announce the winner

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