I thought I’d share this fun post Claire Gillian allowed me to post on her blog today. Check it out …

Claire Gillian

Happy Leap Day!!  It’s a rare day and a rare privilege I have to introduce you to my guest today, Jocelyn Adams, author of The Glass Man, Into the Unknown and Touch of Frost.  She’ll also be headlining an anthology containing a story by yours truly called Tidal Whispers, coming in June.  Shadowborn, the sequel to The Glass Man will release in October 2012.

I’ve been hanging around Jocelyn Adams (hoping her gifts would rub off) since her earlier days of celebrating successes in placing short stories, all the while working diligently on novels and novellas in the background.  Enviably prolific, Jocelyn is foremost a lovely, artistic storyteller with an amazing imagination.  Read The Glass Man and you’ll see even her houses aren’t just structures, but something vivid and awe-inspiring.

I am honored to turn over my blog to her capable hands today as she shares…

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