Our puffball has a name! #winner

Wow, the debate has been quite heated this week as the names rolled in for our new little furbaby.  We tested out a few of them, but none were just right.

Until … THE ONE came along

Although it wasn’t a unanimous vote, we’ve now chosen a name for our newest edition.  Before I spill the beans as to who won the contest, let me tell you why we chose this particular name.

1. This little guy has serious wheels.  He is so fast most of the time I only see a white streak when he runs by and half of the time he spins for a while before he goes anywhere.

2. Trying to sleep with this kitten wrapped around my neck is tantamount to sleeping in an old Volkswagen Rabbit TDI running on two cylinders.

3. He needed a manly name because of his little goatee.

4.  He shares a name with one of the sexiest actors that ever lived.

Any guesses yet?


Okay, okay, I’ll tell you.

The winner of the Name the Puffball contest is:

Tammy D’Aigle

And the name is … dun, dun, dun, duuuuuuun


It’s more of a big kitty name, so right now we’re calling him Little D, and it just feels right.  Asher, from my big sister, Susan, came a close second. Thanks to everyone, especially Tammy, for all of your suggestions.

I’ll be in touch to arrange your prize, Tammy!  Congrats!

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