It’s a boy! – Name the Puffball Contest

I interrupt my regularly scheduled blog post today to bring you breaking news.

Our family has grown!

Our new little boy is four months old.  His older sister isn’t terribly impressed yet, but I hope she’ll warm up to him soon.

We have one little problem.  Our little boy doesn’t have a name.  So, I thought, who better to help me come up with some good ones than a bunch of authors and readers?

Anyone game?

Yeah?  Cool.

Here’s his picture:

Isn’t he cute?  He’s actually tiny, but next to WeeB he looks full grown.

Here’s another:

Here’s your task.

Drop by as many times as you like and leave name suggestions in the comments below this post.  My family will choose the best one from the list on Friday, February 3rd.  The winner will receive:

1) An ebook copy of Touch of Frost

2) A signed paperback of The Glass Man

3) A signed bookmark for The Glass Man


18 thoughts on “It’s a boy! – Name the Puffball Contest

  1. Ooooh, gotta play. Love ‘name the pet’. 🙂

    Um … how about Thunder (because of his colouring)?

    Or Caleb (just because)
    Or Corben (not sure why–stuck in my head from The Fifth Element)
    Or Antonio (as that’s who plays the voice for Puss-in-Boots)

    Shall try to think of some more. 🙂

  2. Soooo cute!! 😀

    Well, when I see how that grey masks his eyes perfectly, I think of batman, hehe! However, the name that comes to mind is Bruce, because, while he’s known as The Dark Knight to the gen pop, only those close to batman know his *true* identity. hehe! 🙂

  3. To bad it’s a boy! If it was a girl Lila Grey would have been a great name of course!

    okay boy names: Sean, General, Doc, Dopey or Axel.

    Hope you find him a perfect name!

    X R

  4. Here are names I thought suited him…
    Zane Grey, after the famous author of adventure novels

  5. I think he looks like a Yoda! I dunno why but he does LOL.
    A couple of other suggestions though are Gizmo, Murph(y), Diesle, Watson, Odie.

    This is fun. Thanks for letting us participate.

  6. Aw, he’s sooo gorgeous. My daughter is desperate for a kitten after reading the children’d book ‘A Kitten Called Moonlight’. So that is my first suggestion: Moonlight. Other names that my Boo suggested when she saw your photo were: Cobweb, Pebble, Storm, Ziggy, Puss (coz she loves Little Princess) and Tinsel.

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