Shadowborn is coming 2012! #announcement

I’m all excited this morning to announce that I have signed the contract with J. Taylor Publishing for the production of Shadowborn, the second in the Lila Gray trilogy!!!!!  Yes, I need ALL of those exclamation marks  ::sneaks off to do a happy dance::

I can’t share the cover with you just yet, and yes I have seen it.  AWESOME!  PERFECT!  No, I won’t give you a sneak peak.  You’ll just have to wait!  😛

Here is the official press release:


Second in Lila Gray Novels by Jocelyn Adams to Release October 2012

Jocelyn Adams’s debut novel, The Glass Man, a Lila Gray novel, will release its sequel, Shadowborn, in October 2012.

Apex, NC – January 4, 2012 – J. Taylor Publishing has a full schedule of releases planned for 2012 including Jocelyn Adam’s second in the Lila Gray Trilogy, scheduled for October 2012.

Like her first novel, The Glass Man, Adams’s story continues Lila Gray’s story, extending the character beyond her initial recognition of who and what she was and moving her into learning about the extenuating circumstances that started the series.

“Shadowborn was a really emotional piece for me to write—being cruel to my characters does that to me every time—but I love the way it turned out, and I can’t wait for its release,” says Adams. “Lila is a flawed woman, hard but also kind, and she’s forced to face her own darkness in book number two, not just the forces working against her.  I hope fans of The Glass Man will enjoy reading her story as much as I enjoyed writing it.”

Shadowborn will be the third release for Jocelyn Adams in 2012, with Touch of Frost releasing in February 2012. In addition to the novels, a summer anthology entitled Tidal Whispers, features Jocelyn’s short story “The Undergarden” and releases in June 2012.

“Jocelyn is a prolific writer with an intense imagination,” says J. Taylor Publishing. “We were hooked on The Glass Man and are just as excited about Shadowborn. It’s time for Lila to learn more about her past and push her on toward the climax of her situation.”

About Jocelyn Adams
Jocelyn Adams grew up on a cattle farm in Lakefield and has remained a resident of Southern Ontario her entire life, most recently in Muskoka. She has worked as a computer geek, a stable hand, a secretary, and spent most of her childhood buried up to the waist in an old car or tractor engine with her mechanically inclined dad. But mostly, she’s a dreamer with a vivid imagination and a love for fantasy (and a closet romantic — shhh!). When she isn’t shooting her compound bow in competition or writing, she hangs out with her husband and young daughter at their little house in the woods. For more information about Jocelyn Adams, please visit

About the Publisher
J. Taylor Publishing is an Independent Publisher who, thanks to the Internet, has a worldwide reach. Our debut authors are in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. The company produces print and electronic books. For more information about J. Taylor Publishing, please visit

How cool is that?

It’s going to be a fun year.  Stay tuned for some upcoming cover reveals for one of my other releases this year, The Undergarden, appearing in the Tidal Whispers anthology coming out in June.

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