When in doubt, talk to your socks #sixsunday

Although February still sounds like a mile away, it’s creeping up fast.  So, for the next few weeks, I’m going to bring you some snippets from my upcoming paranormal romance novella, Touch of Frost to be released with J. Taylor Publishing.

This scene comes after Lauren wakes up in a strange man’s bed, half delirious.

Upon the man’s return, he stood beside the bed, turning from the cup and back to me with puzzlement in his eyes.

“Can I . .. uh . .. touch you?” A flash of pink lit up his cheeks above the shadow of beard. “To help you sit up, I mean. I wouldn’t … I mean I didn’t …” He uttered something too low for me to hear, his head tilted toward his socks.

Will is such a gentleman!  I hope you enjoyed.  Don’t forget to click the logo at the top to check out the other participants.

See you next week!


17 thoughts on “When in doubt, talk to your socks #sixsunday

  1. Great work, I love the voice you have developed. Thank you so much for sharing all your great work, I hope you have a fantastic Christmas. Ax

  2. These six are so mysterious! How’d she get there, where’s she from? And he seems sweet, hehehe, staring at her socks, 😆 I enjoyed these six and look forward to more. Guess I’ll have to wait until after the holidays though. Hope you have a great Christmas! 😀

    • So I chose a good teaser line, then? 🙂 I normally write pretty gritty characters, so I’m glad he’s coming off sweet as I intended. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

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