Coffee, tea or a hot man with a sexy accent? #sixsunday

My muse has been quite adamant this week about a new story I’m working on, so, seeing as my mind is consumed with it, I thought I’d share a tidbit from it.

My working title is Earth Caller, the first of a series that might be called The Baylou Hudson Journals, where Lou Hudson, proper lady and preternatural pest exterminator extraordinaire, is trying to hide her Jinn heritage from a world where all of the other supes would kill her, as they did all of her kind in the past, if they knew she was an earth caller (her element).

After a hard day trudging around the sewers looking for her latest pest, she gets a phone call from the man who’s been trying to seduce her for years.

“Call me Amun, please.”  His seductive tone, tinged with a hint of his Persian roots, tightened my belly as it always did.  “Have dinner with me.”

My disgruntled sigh blew across the phone and I shoved the accelerator down harder as if I could outrun his effect on me.  “Amun,” I cursed his name at him, “as I’ve told you several times, I’d rather have dinner with a giant, oozing troll slug.  Don’t you have another gala to host or a blonde harlot to jump into bed with?”

Hell, I’d have dinner with him.  Bring on dessert!  😉

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17 thoughts on “Coffee, tea or a hot man with a sexy accent? #sixsunday

  1. I really like her, how her toughness shines here. And it seems that she’d be savvy enough to use her looks as a weapon, so of course she’s blowing him off now, she’s been trudging around the sewers, can’t show up smelling like a troll, hehehe! I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next! 🙂

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