Only two days to go! #IntoTheUnknown

This is an eventful week for me.

First, I’m so excited about the release of Liam’s short, Tempted, coming out in the Into the Unknown anthology with J. Taylor Publishing in only … two days.  Eek!  Just in time for reading over the holidays.

What could be better than more Wyatt Moreland (Little White Lies, by Aimee Laine), Sean Holloway (Darkness & Light, by J. A. Belfield) and Liam Kane from The Glass Man?

Here’s the blurb:

Three men never expected love to wreak so much havoc in their lives.

In Marked, Darkness & Light’s Sean Holloway is on a mission—to find the perfect gift for the woman of his dreams. When all conventional choices turn out to be the wrong ones, each failed attempt convinces Sean his self-imposed task is impossible. But in the world of the Holloway Pack, anything is possible if it can be kept a secret.

In Misguided, Little White Lies’s Wyatt Moreland is hot on the trail of a wanted man when a rumor about his fiancée halts his progress. His desire to keep her safe wars with her need to be involved in his work and could derail their entire wedding unless he finds out the truth before she does.

In Tempted, The Glass Man’s Liam Kane made a promise to the fae he loves never to use his power to harm others. When a horrific event angers him, the energy boiling inside seduces him into walking a dark path. He has but one choice: resist his own nature or give up the one he loves.

Will the three men make the right choices? Or will their actions destroy their futures with the women they love?

Yes!  You can read it in only two days.


Don’t have an eReader?  You can download a free application that will allow you to read kindle books right on your computer.  Click here to read more.

I have another event coming up this Saturday evening.  My initial launch party in my childhood hometown was in a busy bookstore where there were lots of distractions.  The one in the town where I now live will be in a small shop where I am the host and center of attention.  I have to read in front of a bunch of strangers I have to entertain for an hour and a half.


I’ve planned the snacks and beverages, worked out the seating details with the wonderful owner of ReVIBE who has graciously loaned me her store for the event, and selected my passages to read from The Glass Man.  Usually planning will set me more at ease, but I’m still a little nervous.

Will anyone come?  Will they like my book?  Will I have planned enough food?  I guess I’ll find out on Saturday.  I’ve never been a great public speaker and I know this will be good for me.  It comes with the author territory, right?  🙂

Wish me luck!

What do you have going on this week?

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3 thoughts on “Only two days to go! #IntoTheUnknown

  1. Good Morning Joanne

    That is so exciting…I do wish I could be there but it is too far away for me to attend and it is the wrong time of the year for me to travel.
    I will be there with you in spirit as always..but I know you will really enjoy the experience…let me know how it goes….congratulations on yet another journey in your writing path.

    Love Mom

  2. Ooh! You’ll be great! I have a book club meeting next week and even those make me nervous because not only will they have read the book, they’ll be asking questions! What if I don’t remember how to answer? 😉 You love TGM so much that this will be a walk in the park. Just show ’em how awesome it is. 🙂

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