Sometimes the heart overrules the head #sixsunday

My mind has been dwelling on a novel I have partially written and have added a few more thousand to during NaNoWriMo, called One Night in the District.  This is the third name it’s had so far and I’m still not sure about it.

In this scene, Reese McCarthy is horrified that she’d snuggled up to Alec, the biggest man-whore alive and fellow US Marshal in the preternatural Division Five, after he helped her through the worst night of her life.

“You were so warm, and … something’s happening to me.”  How could I have forgotten what a total letch he was?  “You need to keep your distance.  I don’t want to make you think there’s anything between us, because there isn’t, and I don’t want to kill you even though I’ve fantasized about it a few times over the years.”

Alec flashed a crooked grin, nodded and sat in the chair farthest from me, lacing his fingers together on his lap.  “Just for the record, I didn’t do that as a come-on.”

Is Alec the bold womanizer he pretends to be?  Or is there a good man under his facade?  You’ll just have to wait until this one comes out to know for sure.  🙂

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21 thoughts on “Sometimes the heart overrules the head #sixsunday

    • It’s about half done. 🙂 I have to finish Road to Salvation first, then this one, so a while. 🙂 I could use another beta reader if you’re interested. 😉

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