Giggling when trying to be subtle never works #TheGlassMan #SixSunday

I’m in the mood for a little more Liam and Lila this week.  This scene comes during a tense, dangerous moment when the two encounter the Glass Man and Liam tries out a new trick on Lila so they can talk without being overheard.

As if a door had opened between us, Liam’s spirit slipped inside me, filled me like whiskey to the brim of my crystal glass. My knees buckled, and I flailed my arms but found nothing to steady myself with. Something unfamiliar gurgled in my throat before a drunken giggle burst from my lips. I clapped a hand over it.

“Jesus,” Liam’s voice whispered through my mind. “Yes, it feels good, but could you be a little more subtle about it?”

I hope you enjoyed.  Don’t forget to click the logo to see the rest of the participants.

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15 thoughts on “Giggling when trying to be subtle never works #TheGlassMan #SixSunday

  1. I love the originality of your description–it’s so difficult to find new, fresher ways to describe things that have been described to death, and you did it in a way that spoke to me, forced new connections in my head, made the moment come alive for me. Thank you for sharing this!

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