How a YouTube video changed my family

Most of my posts center around my love of books and writing, but my family is going through a profound change and I just have to talk about it.

When our daughter was born, hubby and I decided we wanted and needed to become healthier, lose weight and become more fit for her benefit as well as ours.  It was easier in concept than in reality, as is anything worth doing.  We tried different things.  You know, the usual fad diets only to be disappointed with how we felt, resulting in failure when we fell off the wagon.

However, back in August, my husband came across this video.  I’ll warn you that it’s a lengthy one, but entirely worth watching.  Doing so has changed our lives.  It’s called sugar:  The Bitter Truth.

We made some pretty simple changes in our diet.  Stopped drinking fruit juices and drank mostly water.  Switched out cereal and milk for a slice of whole wheat toast and an egg for breakfast.  Ate fruit and raw veggies instead of crackers and cheese for snacks or other processed or sweet goodies.

We also challenged each other to work out as often as possible.  We walked more, sat on the recumbent while watching TV instead of the recliner, went swimming often.  It’s brought us together even closer than we were before.

When I look at a plate of fries or a bowl of ice cream, all I see is how many hours on the elliptical I’d have to work to burn it off.  The knowledge we gained put everything into perspective for us.

Three and a half months later, here are the results:

I’ve lost 25 of these from my body.

It didn’t seem like much until I picked up a 25 lb bag of potatoes and realized how much it weighed.

A lot.

Hubby has lost weight equivalent to one of these, a blue water cooler jug most people struggle to put on the dispenser.

OR almost exactly one of our daughter.  Yep, just over 40 pounds.


We both set goals to hit by New Years, which we’re both on track to meet with ease and without feeling deprived of everything we like.  We have a little treat now and then.  At this point, what we’re doing isn’t a diet, it’s just the way we eat.  We hope our new better choices will affect our daughter’s habits as she grows.

What tricks do you use to keep fit?

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