Goody giveaway x 3 #IntoTheUnknown

I can’t believe there are fewer than 6 weeks to go before Into the Unknown is released with J. Taylor Publishing.

Three authors.

Three hot heroes from three great stories.

And today, I get to share a teaser of my story, Tempted, with you!  Mmm, Liam.  Need I say more?

Ah, but there is more.  You have a chance to win FOUR eBooks (Little White Lies by Aimee Laine, Darkness & Light by J. A. Belfield, The Glass Man by, you guessed it, me! AND Into the Unknown by all three of us) three signed bookmarks & one nifty, printed signed poster of the Into the Unknown cover all for one lucky winner.  Check the bottom of this post for the link to enter.

Now for the teaser.  Here is my excerpt from Tempted, my contribution to this yummy anthology of heroes.


I stepped out of the portal and emerged inside the stone cavern at Seven Gates.  A chilled wind whipped into the small hollow carved out of the rock. Shivers rumbled through me from my toes to the base of my skull as I exited the narrow tunnel and emerged under a murky blue sky near the entrance to the hidden fae city of Dun Bray.   The Seelie fae who lived there considered me and the rest of my people—the Unseelie—the enemy.

Only one had accepted me: Lila.

Even without the wind, the frosted air threatened to seep through to my bones and turn my blood to ice. Crystals edged the crevasses in the towering rock wall, along with every gold and rusty leaf that littered the ground. November in the north had its beauty, but I didn’t think I’d ever get used to winter’s bite.

A week had passed since I’d last seen Lila, and every day she haunted my subconscious even more. It had been harder than I’d expected to keep our trysts secret from both our people, but no amount of effort would be too much. My heart ached to be near her again.

My Lila, with her fearless nature and stare, could melt me into a puddle of want and need.  Thoughts of her name lit a flame in me, a passion I’d never known before I met her.


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