Can a monster be the hero?

I read a comment recently that started me thinking.  Would you read a book where the monster is the hero/heroine? A ghoul who used to eat people’s brains, now rises out of his grave to stop robbers from mugging old ladies?  A swamp thing that stops a corporation from destroying a forest?  A demon with an attitude and the mouth of a trucker who works under cover for the police?  A banshee bounty-hunter that screams murderer’s unconscious and takes them to the authorities?

How about a person who was once bad and is now trying to do what’s right, or a person who’s hardened by the trials of their life who goes on to rise above them?  Could you buy any of these as a hero?  ::scratches head::

I say, why can’t a monster be the hero?  If you look deep enough into anyone, there’s monster potential there, the ability to do terrible things if the circumstances align the right way.  There’s also the capacity to do something amazing, to go farther than anyone thought possible, to inspire, to save, to … well … do anything.

Sometimes it takes a monster to do what a regular Joe doesn’t have the grit to do, or maybe that’s just my dark and twisted mind at work.

What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Can a monster be the hero?

  1. I love the concept of something considered evil doing good. Don’t most people look for the good in the character? I know I do. I like to ‘hope’ they’re capable of redemption. 🙂

    • I do, totally. I think that’s why I go for the darker genre of books to read, because typically the characters are more flawed and go through a more profound change than joe blow hero.

  2. I 100% agree. If you’re going to have a character-driven novel, why not? It’s a great opportunity to delve into what makes a person, werewolf, monster, etc. do the things they do and then change themselves around. Everyone loves to see the underdog win. it also has the opportunity to force the reader to look at the ‘monster’ inside of them, and reflect on ways to change their own lives around for the better.

  3. Since I love anti-heroes, the thought of making a monster a hero is a good one. In a way, it breaks the mold of the regular good looking (notice I don’t use the word charismatic) hero/heroine. Of course, I’m a sucker for character flaws too.

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