The Glass Man is Here!!!

My daughter and I waited most impatiently all day yesterday for a couple of boxes to arrive by courier.

We paced.  We read with jiggling knees.  We played outside in the pouring rain.

Still, the time crawled by like an eternity.

Finally, the shiny white truck pulled into the driveway at shortly after two.  My daughter made it over to him first.  “Did you bring Momma’s books?”

Yep.  He did.  Fifty of them.  All beautiful and perfect.

Squee!  There’s a book with only my name on it.  How did this happen?

Wanna see?

My girl grabbed the first book out of the book and wouldn’t let go of it.

Here’s the little beauty close up.

And the back:

One more awesome tidbit to share, this amazing poster designed by the talented folks at J. Taylor Publishing.  I have an 18 x 24 of this bad boy ready to go for my book signing in October:

Amazing, right?  This is definitely one of those moments in my life I won’t forget.

Why don’t you tell me one of yours?

14 thoughts on “The Glass Man is Here!!!

  1. Good Morning Joanne

    Wow..that is so awesome to finally see your dream come true..your books is wonderful to see Brianna as excited as you are….the picture is adorable..she, like the rest of your family and friends are SO proud and happy for you….you achieved what you set out to do..write your very first novel…and it is going to be a best seller…as well as the new ones not yet published..congratulations my beautiful Daughter…..Love Mom

  2. A beauty holding a beauty. So sweet. I”m thrilled for you. The J Taylor folks did and awesome job on your poster. How wonderful too to be able to state that Glassman was a finalist! For the win all the way.

  3. OMG!!!!!! Yeah! Your little one looks like mine did when my books arrived. Stoked, yet unsure how to hold it! LOL 🙂 I got goosebumps reading your post. I LOVED the moment I held my book in my hands. dude it feels sooooooooooo good. 🙂 Congrats!!!

    • Haha, then she was like, read it to me, Momma! Um … no, I don’t think this is a book for little girls. I couldn’t take her pout, so I read a sweet moment between Donovan and Lila from the ending and she loved it.

  4. Major siked for you. I may or may not get to this point sometime in the future, but seeing you all go through that first publication has been a really great ride for those of us that have been allowed to watch the progression. Congrats, Jo!

  5. Omgosh, so exciting to see your book in your little one’s hands! How adorable that she wanted you to read it to her, hehe 😀 And I have to say, I got a little teary eyed seeing your mom’s post. How wonderful to have the loving support of friends and family, congrats on your novel (great cover, btw 😉 ) and best wishes for the future! ^_^

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