Tempted #sixsunday

This week I bring you a scene from Tempted, appearing in the Into the Unknown Anthology with J. Taylor Publishing.  This short is from Liam’s perspective, my hero from The Glass Man.  Enjoy!

I took a few steps toward the trees, but stumbled with blindness caused by Lila feeding at my mouth.  With some effort, I broke our lip-lock.  “I need to see where I’m going, or we’re going to crash.”

Her sapphire eyes darkened and her grip on my neck tightened, but she nodded and buried her face below my ear.

I sped into the darkness of the woods.  My breath billowed out in white clouds as Lila nipped and sucked my skin, blew hot exhales across my ear and about made me explode out of my black suit pants.

Coming December 1, 2011

15 thoughts on “Tempted #sixsunday

  1. Ooh, sexay! I’m wondering how they are traveling…under his muscle power or some sort of vehicle. Nah, I’m really wondering more about the rocket in his pants. LOL Can’t believe I wrote that.

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