Remembering the good old days

The year is 1989.  The place is Lakefield Secondary High School with a student population of fewer than 500.  The town, Lakefield, Ontario.  Population 1,800 give or take.

Ah, yeah, the good old days full of boring classes and aweful music – yeah, yeah, I was a band geek who hadn’t yet mastered the clarinet–and my favorite, the after school archery club.  Set an OFSA record.  Oh, yeah!  It was the year I received classic yearbook entries like this from my best friend, Ruth Tanner.

It was also the year I met my husband in my grade 10 math class.  Here’s his yearbook photo.  Isn’t he cute?

He was only a minor niner, jumping ahead with his mathematically inclined brain.  Although we didn’t start dating until February of 1990, we flirted and hung out lots.

He got me in trouble lots, too.  Flinging elastics at certain parts of my anatomy.  Yep, he was a naughty one.  Who do you think the teacher found with stacks of elastics under her text book?  Who do you think was sent to an empty seat in the back more than once?

Yep.  Me.  And I still wanted to marry him.  I even told another friend as such.

While I went off to a local college, hubby finished up high school, then went off to the University of Waterloo for his Honors Math degree.  I took a job in Toronto.  The separation never made me question if long-distance relationships could work.  We MADE it work, because we loved one another enough.

Thirteen years ago today, we tied the knot in Las Vegas.  Good times.  Great company.  Excellent life.

Happy Anniversary, honeybunch!

11 thoughts on “Remembering the good old days

  1. Lot of internet love and dates marked today. Congratulations to you both. Makes me all gooey-eyed–especially as Mr B just got home after three nights away this afternoon. 🙂

    • Thanks! Can you tell it’s a bazillion degrees outside and we’re just about melting? Outside of the chapel we spent a total of about 5 minutes taking pictures, then the clothes came off in favor of bathing suits. Good times.

  2. How did I miss this earlier? Yeah! Happy Anniversary!! 🙂 And the blonde hair makes you look SOO different (given I’ve only ever seen the dark). 🙂 Yeah for August 26th! One of my favorite days and this make it even better! Wheeeeeeee!

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