Six Sentence Sunday

I’ve been enjoying the little tastes of writing my fellow authors have been tantalizing me with every Sunday, so I thought I’d join in the fun.  Here are six sentences from my new work in progress, Road to Salvation.


Charlotte leaned closer to Joel with parted lips and sparkling eyes riveted to the pages in his hands.

Before he could think about whether or not he should, he lifted his arm and pulled her slender body against his side so she could see the book better, loving that she fit so perfectly under his arm.

While Charlotte held one side of the book and turned the pages, Joel held the other and read line after line.

Her ear pressed against the left side of his chest, and he could feel the gentle beating of her heart where her body lay along his.

His free hand took turns between making slow circles on her back and smoothing out her fine, wavy hair in complete contentment.

Forbidden thoughts waited the background to remind him she’d be gone tomorrow and he may never see her again, but for the moment, he didn’t allow them to drag him away from the most enjoyment he’d ever had in his life.

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